Shred Day

Join us on May 26th from 10am-2pm

Scotia Recycling Limited will be at our 340 Prince Street branch parking lot to professionally shred any personal or confidential documents you would like destroyed.

There will be a free BBQ, door prizes, as well as representative from the Cape Breton Regional Police Service on site for anyone interested in learning how to protect themselves from identity fraud.

Some items to consider shredding for your safety and privacy are listed below.
•    ATM, credit card, or debit card receipts
•    Account statements
•    Birth certificate copies
•    Cancelled and voided checks
•    Credit reports and histories
•    Employee pay stubs and Employment records
•    Expired credit and identification cards including driver’s licenses, Personal IDs, medical insurance cards, etc.
•    Expired passports and visas
•    Legal or insurance documents
•    Investment, stock and property transactions
•    Medical and dental records
•    Papers with a Social Security number
•    Pre-approved credit card applications
•    Signatures (such as those found on leases, contracts, letters)
•    Tax forms
•    Utility bills (telephone, gas, electric, water, cable TV, internet)